Guide to the Best Family Getaway in Ligonier, PA

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I fell in love with this adorable town east of Pittsburgh from the minute I stepped foot in it. Ligonier, PA, set in the beautiful Laurel Highlands, has long been known as a getaway destination for those of us in the Pittsburgh area. The historic roots, town center and welcoming feel make this charing Pennsylvania town worth the visit regardless of where you’re traveling from.

Between the local shops and restaurants, the amazing farmer’s market and easy access to outdoor adventures, there’s something for everyone in Ligonier. It’s also the home of Idlewild & Soak Zone, making this Western PA destination a perfect weekend getaway in Pennsylvania for families.

Ligonier, PA weekend getaway in Pennsylvania Toddling Traveler

Sponsored Post: We were hosted in Ligonier, PA by the Laurel Highlands Visitors Bureau. As always, all opinions are our own.

How to Get to Ligonier

By car, Ligonier is typically 1 1/2 hours or less from the center of Pittsburgh. It’s also easily accessible within a few hours from other major cities including Cleveland, Baltimore, DC and Philadelphia. While we came from Pittsburgh, we had family join us from Lebanon, PA.

If you’re flying into the area, Latrobe Airport is just over 10 miles from Ligonier. Pittsburgh International Airport is the closest international airport to Ligonier, and it’s 70 miles away. When we were there, several families in the cottages next to us were in town for a family reunion in Ligonier, PA. They were coming from all over the US, including the Carolinas, Florida and California. (Which just goes to show you that a family vacation in Ligonier is worth flying across the country for!)

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Where to Stay in Ligonier, Pennsylvania

The best way to experience this small town is in one of many quaint cottages and cabinet in Ligonier, PA. Sunset Cottages are perfect for a family or group visiting the area. The two-bedroom cottages are spacious, with an open concept living room. With many Laurel Highlands cabins to choose from, these cottages set themselves apart with how well they’re updated inside. The check-in and check-out process is also super easy, with a key code and a manager who is easily accessible.

Sunset Cottages is located right off Route 30. They’re only a 2-minute drive from town and a little over a 5-minute drive to Idlewild. The cottages are two bedrooms with a shared bathroom. There’s a spacious living room and connected kitchen that’s appointed with everything you need for a home away from home. Between the provided linens, the well-equipped kitchen, coffee and toiletries, they have you covered. There’s also a large porch out front, making it a great place to unwind after a busy day. If you’re looking for a smaller room, Sunset Cottages also has motel style rooms next door.

Ligonier PA vacation rentals Toddling Traveler

Things to Do in Ligonier, PA with Kids

One of our favorite things about Ligonier is how family-friendly it is. Almost every experience offers something for kids, and even the museums we visited could be easily tailored for visitors of all ages. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a town that boasts the “Best Children’s Park” in the world.

Ligonier, PA is a great weekend getaway in Pennsylvania all year-round. While our recent visit to Ligonier was during the summer, Laurel Highlands, PA has some of the most beautiful Fall foliage as well. Fort Ligonier Days is one of the most popular Ligonier, PA events that takes place in October of each year. While we didn’t have time to visit Fort Ligonier on this particular weekend trip to Ligonier, we visited in the future and it quickly became one of our favorite things to do in Ligonier, PA.

Lincoln Highway Experience

Looking for things to do near Ligonier, PA? The Lincoln Highway Experience museum is a great stop just outside of Ligonier on Route 30. Route 30 is the original Lincoln Highway and one of the first transcontinental highways running across the US. The main museum is located in an original carriage house from the late 1800s. It’s packed with images, artifacts and interactive displays from the highway’s prime in the early 1900s.

There’s also a new building with the museum that was recently completed in 2018. It houses several large artifacts from the Lincoln Highway route, including fuel pumps, an antique car, a historic summer cottage. The focal point is a real, antique diner where guests are served locally made pie and coffee. Your ticket into the museum also includes a stamped post card that you can mail. Pie and coffee, as well as other snack options for kids, is also included with your entrance fee.

Lincoln Highway Experience Ligonier PA Things to Do Toddling Traveler

Visiting the Lincoln Highway Experience with kids?

In addition to the snacks and postcard, kids are also given a bag of pennies for their museum visit. Those pennies are used at the “Penny for your Tots” room and serve as tolls for each activity they complete. Below are some of the highlights of the kids room at the Lincoln Highway Experience.

  • Toy cars for kids to ride around in, including a convertible, firetruck and tractor. All of which are complete with matching accessories.
  • A station to etch a license plate replica with crayons.
  • A mini stationary bike for kids to peddle their way through the Lincoln Highway. (There’s a display with a real bike for adults and bigger kids to do this too.)
  • A race track to race cars on a hilly path.
  • An old train game for kids to trace the path of the Lincoln Highway across the US.
  • Children’s books as well as fun facts painted on the wall.

The staff at the Lincoln Highway Experience are great at tailoring the experience for any age.

Lincoln Highway Experience Things to do with Kids in Ligonier Pennsylvania Toddling Traveler

Idlewild & Soak Zone

Idlewild is one of the biggest draws to visiting Ligonier with Kids, and I’m not surprised after just one visit to this gem. In fact, it received the Golden Ticket Award for the “Best Children’s Park” in the world for several years in a row.

Idlewild has rolling start times for different sections and rides to open. The Story Book Forest in Idlewild opens first and is a great way to start your day at Idlewild. Between the live characters, the charming photo opportunities and the nursery rhymes woven throughout, it really is a magical place.

Another favorite of toddlers at Idlewild is the interactive trolley ride at Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. The Kiddie Ride area in Raccoon Lagoon also has several rides for young children at Idlewild. For the older kids, there are a number of great rides including a Ferris Wheel, “Rollo Coaster,” the Howler and more.

SoakZone is also included in your daily admission fee to Idlewild. It’s a water park filled with a number of slides, wave pools and more for all ages.

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Idlewild with a Toddler Ligonier PA with Kids

Ligonier Valley Rail Museum

This train museum is located right by Idlewild, and it’s housed in Ligonier Valley’s original rail road station. The museum is filled with several pictures and memorabilia from trains in the area, including actual train parts. One of the best things about the Ligonier Valley Rail Museum is how well they cater to the interests of each visitor. With my son being two, we weren’t necessarily looking for a full history lesson. The docents there did a great job of sharing the history while also weaving in things to keep my son entertained. Some things for kids at the Ligoner Valley Rail Road Museum include:

  • Listen to the old train bell being run.
  • Look at the multitude of pictures throughout the museum.
  • Play with the model train track and getting it to speed up, slow down and reverse.
  • Walk outside to the rail road signal and watch it light up.
  • Climb through the real red caboose from 1905. Learn the operators lived and how the train ties work.

There’s also a great gift shop in the Ligonier Valley Rail Road Museum. It includes a number of train themed toys, shirts and other accessories for the big and little train lovers in your life. Keep in mind that the Ligonier Valley Rail Road Museum is only open on Saturdays from 11am-3pm. Be sure to plan your trip accordingly.

Ligonier Country Market

When the Ligonier Country Market was recommended to us as a great place for kids, I just assumed it was like any other farmer’s market I’ve been to. That couldn’t have been further from the truth. The Ligonier farmer’s market has one of the best selections of vendors I’ve seen. It includes so many different foods, drinks, produce and specialty gifts from near and far. It was my 2 year old son’s first time at a farmer’s market, and he absolutely loved the sampling available at pretty much every food vendor. (I’m pretty sure I walked away with way more stuff than I needed, because he convinced me we had to buy everything he tried.)

The best part about visiting the Ligonier Country Market with kids is the Market Sprouts section. This “kids club” area of the Ligonier Market has kid-sized picnic tables and is full of activities for them to do. Each week, there’s a different craft for kids to keep them entertained. My son also loved the huge Jenga style blocks, and we found a shaded area to stay and play for a while. Additionally, the Ligonier Country Market has a Children’s Community Garden. Here, kids can learn how to plant seeds and maintain a garden throughout the summer.

Friendship Park in Ligonier

We stopped at Friendship Park on the drive into town from Pittsburgh. It was the perfect place for the kids to stretch their legs after being in the car for a while. The playground itself is huge, and there are a number of different areas for the kids of various ages to climb and play on. There are also tons of swings and other fun things for kids to ride on.

There are restrooms available at Friendship Park, as well as a covered area with picnic tables. Plus, the entire playground is mostly closed in by a fence, which makes it much easier to watch the kiddos while they’re playing.

Address: 203 Boquet St, Ligonier, PA

If you’re looking for more time outdoors, Linn Run State Park in Ligonier offers hundreds of acres for hiking and picnicking. It’s only about 15 minutes outside of the center of Ligonier.

Things to do in Ligonier, PA with Kids Ligonier Playground Toddling Traveler

Walk Around the Town of Ligonier

The town of Ligonier is perfect for taking a stroll around the shops, whether you’re with kids or without. The town of Ligonier is shaped like a diamond, that surrounds a gazebo in the center. Some family-friendly shopping in Ligonier, PA includes:

  • The Treehouse for gifts and clothing for children and moms
  • Unique gifts and books for kids and people of all ages at Second Chapter Books
  • Post and Rail to see Tye the dog and purchase menswear
  • Fun toys and games at the Toy Solider Gallery
  • Christmas ornaments all year round at the Holiday Home Store (If you collect ornaments on your travels like us, they have one for the town of Ligonier!)

For a complete listing of Ligonier shops, see here.

The Ligonier Valley Library is also located right in town and is seriously amazing. Not only is the Ligonier library beautiful, but the children’s section is huge with a number of fun toys and activities younger visitors.

Travel with kids tip: We love checking out libraries when we’re traveling to a new area. They usually have play areas for the kids, and it’s a great way to meet local parents and get a feel for the area.

Family-Friendly Restaurants in Ligonier, PA

Ligonier has no shortage of adorable shops and restaurants. One of the best things about this small town is that only locally owned establishments are allowed around the Ligonier Diamond. Below are some of the awesome restaurants in Ligonier, PA that we visited.

Ligonier Creamery

Ligonier Creamery was our first introduction to the amazing food in Ligonier. The ice cream at the Ligonier Creamery is homemade, and you can’t go wrong with any of the flavors. I had the gobs in vanilla ice cream and it was SO good. There’s ample seating inside at the Ligonier creamery, or you can grab a bench to enjoy your ice cream outside.

Abigail’s Coffeehouse

Abigail’s is a local institution in Ligonier, Pennsylvania. And you can tell from the minute you walk through the door that they’re an integral part of the community. Abigail’s serves a number of yummy espresso drinks, as well as a variety of freshly brewed coffees. There’s also a handful of baked goods, and the kids loved the chocolate chip scone we got. In addition to coffee, Abigail’s Coffeehouse has a full service menu, offering a variety of sandwiches for breakfast and lunch. They also serve ice cream if you’re looking for a sweet treat later in the day.

Abigail's Coffeehouse Coffee Shops in Ligonier, PA Toddling Traveler

The Kitchen on Main

The Kitchen on Main was recommended to us as one of the best places for breakfast in Ligonier. It certainly didn’t disappoint! We split the kitchen tacos made with chorizo sausage and fresh avocado, along with the banana bread french toast. (I highly recommend both breakfast entrees!) If you order any breakfast entree with toast, it’s also served with homemade jams and butter. Additionally, there’s a kids menu at The Kitchen on Main with a variety of options and a coloring page for kids.

The Kitchen on Main is a BYOB restaurant. Reservations are only accepted for dinner.

Kitchen on Main Breakfast in Ligonier PA Toddling Traveler

Carol & Dave’s Roadhouse

Carol and Dave’s Roadhouse is one of the most popular Ligonier, PA restaurants. It’s located right in the town of Ligonier and offers an extensive menu with a large variety. We were craving something healthy and ordered entree salads with grilled chicken, while the kids got a pizza that they loved. There are also nightly dinner specials at Carol and Dave’s Roadhouse, and the ribs and bbq chicken that night smelled amazing. There’s ample seating indoors, but we opted to enjoy the nice night on the second floor balcony.

If you’re visiting Carol & Dave’s Roadhouse with kids, be sure to check out the bookshelves by the hostess stand. They’re filled with crayons, coloring books and a variety of toys to keep kids entertained during dinner.

Carol and Dave's Roadhouse Ligonier, PA Restaurants Toddling Traveler

The Road Toad

The Road Toad is one of the most popular restaurants in Laurel Highlands, PA. We stopped here on our way out of town, and it’s conveniently located near Idlewild, right off Route 30. The menu is varied, with a number of lighter options and entrees for any appetite. We were there for lunch and I ordered the blackened salmon sandwich, which was perfectly cooked and seasoned. If you’re visiting in the warmer months, the Road Toad also has ample outdoor dining with beautiful views in the back of the restaurant.

Be sure to check the website before visiting. The Road Toad is currently closed on Tuesdays and only open for lunch on the weekends.

If you’re looking for fun Pennsylvania weekend trips or Laurel Highlands getaways, I can’t say enough good things about Ligonier, Pennsylvania.

Have you been to Ligonier? Please share if you have any favorite places to eat or fun things to do in Ligonier, PA that we haven’t mentioned here!

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