Best Restaurants in Hershey, PA for Families

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I grew up in Central Pennsylvania and frequented Hershey has a kid. Now that we live in Pittsburgh with a toddler, we’ve had a few opportunities to take weekend trips to Hershey. And along with that means more chances to try some of the best restaurants in Hershey, PA. If you read our family-friendly restaurant guides to Siesta Key or Pittsburgh restaurants, you know that we love finding locally owned restaurants both home and away.

This Hershey, PA restaurant guide includes a combination of casual, quick service cafes and sit down restaurants that the whole family can enjoy.

Best Restaurants in Hershey, PA Toddling Traveler

The Chocolatier at Hersheypark

The Chocolatier restaurant in Hershey is part of the brand new Chocolatetown at Hersheypark. You can find anything from appetizers served in a Hersheypark ferris wheel replica to a variety of entrees and yummy desserts.One of the best parts about eating at The Chocolatier besides the food is the awesome decorations throughout. The bar at the Chocolatier resembles a carrousel ride, some of the tables feel like you’re sitting inside a ride, and there’s the coolest light fixture that outlines the rollercoasters at Hersheypark.

While you’re there, you can’t miss trying one of the amazing Hersheypark milkshakes at Chocolatier. They’re huge and come with a chocolate covered pretzel rod, candy and an extra dessert on top. (We tried the Hershey’s Chocolate, Reese’s Peanut Butter and Birthday Cake milkshakes and the Reese’s was the favorite!) If you want a different treat after lunch or dinner at the Chocolatier, Milton’s Ice Cream Parlor and the Sweeterie Confectionary Kitchen are on the first floor.

Kid-friendly features: Pretty much everything about the Chocolatier is kid-friendly. (Kids can even sit at the carrousel bar to eat with parents!)

Note: Reservations currently aren’t accepted at the Chocolatier, but you can brose the huge gift shop at Chocolatetown while you wait! It’s located just outside of the Hersheypark entrance, and you can get a stamp to leave the park and return.

Hersheypark Milkshakes at the chocolatier Toddling Traveler

The Hershey Pantry

Looking for the best place for breakfast in Hershey, PA? The Hershey Pantry is one of our favorite family friendly restaurants in Hershey, PA. And it’s no surprise that it’s known for having the best breakfast in Central Pennsylvania- not just Hershey! Although everything we’ve had at Hershey Pantry is yummy, their signature stuffed french toast specials are often a favorite.

One of the things we love about Hershey Pantry is the cozy atmosphere, but the smaller restaurant also means it gets crowded. They don’t take reservations at Hershey Pantry, so try to get there early on a weekend for breakfast to avoid long waits. Note: Hershey Pantry is closed on Sundays, so plan accordingly!

Kid-Friendly Features: Hershey Pantry has a kids’ menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus kids eat FREE at Hershey Pantry on Tuesday nights from 4-9pm.

The Pantry Cafe

The Pantry Cafe is a sister restaurant to the Hershey Pantry, located right in the heart of Chocolate Avenue. It has much of the same menu and great service you can find at Hershey Pantry. We love the casual atmosphere and the fact that it’s located within the same building as The Hershey Story, one of our favorite things to do in Hershey, PA.

The Pantry Cafe is open daily from 8am- 5pm and primarily serves breakfast and lunch. It also has a full service coffee bar in addition to the restaurant.

Kid-Friendly Features: Kids eat FREE at The Pantry Cafe on Thursdays from 8am-3pm. They also do birthday parties at The Pantry Cafe, which is a great add on to activities at The Hershey Story.

Hershey Pantry Cafe Breakfast in Hershey PA Toddling Traveler

Phillip Arthur’s Cafe

Phillip Arthur’s Cafe is another great option for a quick, casual meal. They have an extensive menu, with everything from sandwiches and soup to wood fired pizza. (If you’re looking for pizza places in Hershey, PA, this is one of our favorites for dining in or takeout!) All of the food is made from scratch with fresh ingredients- right in front of you. Phillip Arthur’s is also one of the best places for ice cream in Hershey, with some of the biggest sundaes you’ve ever seen.

Philip Arthur’s Cafe is open for breakfast on the weekends and lunch and dinner throughout the week. Hours vary by day and season. So be sure to check the website before visiting. 

Kid-Friendly Features: The kids’ menu at Arthur Phillips has several great options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


The Mill in Hershey

The Mill is a charming 3-story restaurant in a renovated old mill. It’s a farm-to-table restaurant in Hershey with a diverse menu of made from scratch items. We had an amazing dinner at The Mill for a girls weekend in Hershey. The combination of ambiance, live music and a great menu makes it one of the best restaurants in Hershey, PA, and it’s also very kid-friendly. It’s definitely one of those places that you can bring the whole family to, without feeling like you’re sacrificing good food or ambiance.

Kid-friendly Features: A kids’ menu at The Mill in Hershey is offered for brunch, lunch and dinner. Each meal comes with an entree, side and drink, plus a coloring page and crayons.

The Mill Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Hershey PA Toddling Traveler

Troegs Independent Brewing

If you’re looking for breweries near Hershey, PA, you don’t have to go far! Troegs is not only our favorite brewery in Hershey, PA, but it’s near the top of my list of breweries anywhere. Despite being a brewery, Troegs has a unique, ever changing menu. Everything we’ve eaten there has been super fresh with the best ingredients. It’s one place I can’t go to Hershey without visiting, and it’s also very kid-friendly.

The Snack Bar is located on the first floor and the Tasting Room, located on the 2nd floor, has a different menu. (Including wood fired pizza!) It can great pretty crowded on the weekends, so be sure to go early for dinner since you may have a wait for a table.

Kid-Friendly Features: Troegs has a kids’ menu along with drinks for kids. They also have packs of Wikki Stix for kids. (Just ask!) Note: Kids are not able to do the brewery tour as you must be 21+.

Chocolate Avenue Grill

The Chocolate Avenue Grill is another favorite kid-friendly restaurant in Hershey, PA. Most recently, we ate there for lunch and had a yummy wrap and salad. If you’re looking for restaurants with outdoor seating in Hershey, there’s a great outdoor patio at Chocolate Avenue Grill as well. This was perfect for our recent 3-day weekend in Hershey, PA in September.

Kid-Friendly Features: There’s a great kids’ menu at Chocolate Avenue Grill. They also provide Wikki Stix for the kids to play with. (These are one of our favorite toddler toys for travel!)

Chocolate Avenue Grill Restaurants in Hershey with Outdoor Seating Toddling Traveler

What If… Of Hershey

If you’re looking for a special occasion restaurant in Hershey, PA that’s also family friendly, What If is a great option. This hidden gem is located in the Howard Johnson Hotel on Chocolate Avenue. While the sophisticated atmosphere doesn’t necessarily scream kid-friendly, it totally is if you’re visiting with family.

Kid-Friendly Features: There’s a kids’ menu at What If… Of Hershey that includes dessert with every meal. They also have crayons and coloring books available.

Dinner at What If Hershey Restaurant Weekend in Hershey with Kids Toddling Traveler

Au Bon Lieu in Hershey

Au Bon Lieu is a little French creperie right off of Chocolate Avenue. They primarily specialize in crepes and have an expansive menu of sweet and savory crepes. We stopped there for lunch one day and my son and niece loved watching the crepes made right in front of us. The kids had a crepe made with chocolate chips and a fun design. I had an awesome savory crepe with chicken and fresh veggies. In addition to crepes, you can also find salads and a variety of coffee drinks on the menu. It’s super casual (the food is even served on paper plates) but it’s great for a quick meal in Downtown Hershey.

Kid-friendly Features: Au Bon Lieu doesn’t have a designated kids’ menu. If you tell them which crepe is your child’s though, they will add a fun design on it. They also have a small bin of toys available.

Au Bon Lieu Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Hershey, PA Toddling Traveler

Chocolate World Food Hall

Whether you’re spending time at Chocolate World or exploring the surrounding area, the food court at Chocolate World is a great option for a quick meal. There are several different foods available, with everything from pizza to sandwiches and salads to stuffed potatoes. In addition to the meal selection, you can also find a huge variety of desserts and drinks. The S’Mores bar and baked goods are definitely a highlight!

Do you have any favorite restaurants in Hershey, PA that we haven’t mentioned here? Please feel free to share in the comments!

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Best Restaurants in Hershey, PA Toddling Traveler

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