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Since I first had my son, I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate him into workouts.  Because, who wants to wake up an hour early to exercise on their own when their kid already wakes up at 5am?  Not me! When I was working full-time, I typically found classes that were available on Saturdays so I could bring my son with me.  Now that I’m home with my son, I love finding classes during the week. It allows me to get that much needed adult time while giving us both something fun to do.  Fortunately, there are so many mommy and me exercise classes in Pittsburgh that we have access to.

Not located in Pittsburgh? Many exercise franchises I’ve listed with mommy and me classes have locations throughout the US. So fortunately you don’t have to be in Pittsburgh to take advantage of them!

Swim Lessons Pittsburgh Mommy and Me Classes Goldfish Swim School Wexford

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Swimming Lessons at Goldfish Swim School

After trying other swim schools in the past, I’m convinced that Goldfish is the best place for swimming lessons in Pittsburgh, PA. The one thing that really differentiates Goldfish from other swimming lessons is how kid-focused it is. From the bright colors to the fish and sea life decor, you can’t help but be happy walking into Goldfish Swim School in Wexford. There are also a number of things to keep kids busy before and after class. That includes chalk boards, books, toys and a coloring table. (Which is great if you also have siblings joining you.)

To find a Goldfish Swim School near you, check here.

Daddy or Mommy and Me Swim Classes at Goldfish

If you’re looking for swim classes for a baby or toddler, the Mini classes target children from 4-35 months. Mini classes require a parent to join and they have varying levels depending on age and ability. It’s a great way to get moving and stay active with your baby or toddler for the entire 30 minute class. Goldfish focuses on water safety and conditioning in addition to the traditional movements. After just five classes, I can already see a huge difference in his ability to follow the movements. At 2 years old, the pace is also perfect for his age. From the fun props to the fast paced class, it keeps his attention right from the beginning.

Looking for fun things to do with kids in Pittsburgh? Goldfish also offers several Family Swim sessions throughout the week. Family swims are $5 per swimmer with a max of $15 per family. They’re great if you’re looking for something fun to do indoors or to introduce a baby or toddler to the pool.

  • Pittsburgh Location: 160 Lake Drive, Wexford, PA 15090
  • Class Schedule: Classes are available daily at varying times in the morning, afternoon and evening. It’s easy to schedule or reschedule classes online, in person or on the phone.
  • Cost: Group lessons are $96/ month plus a one time registration fee
  • Website:
Goldfish Swim School Wexford Mommy and Me classes Pittsburgh Swim Lessons

Fit4Mom Stroller Workouts

Fit4Mom is a stroller-based workout that offers classes across the United States.  There are two Fit4Mom locations in Pittsburgh. The North Hills Fit4Mom is the one we go to, and there’s also a Bethal Park Fit4Mom location in the South Hills.  Depending on the location, they offer a combination of barre based and cardio based workouts, as well as workouts tailored to prenatal and postpartum recovery.  The classes can be done all-year-round, typically with an outdoor location in the warmer months and indoors in the cooler months.   

Make sure you have a jogging friendly stroller before going to a Fit4Mom stroller class.  We love the this jogging stroller and think its worth every penny if you’re planning to run or do trails with a baby. When my son was an infant, we paired the jogging stroller with this infant car seat.

  • Class Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings at 9:15am
  • Pittsburgh Location: Classes are held at North Park by the Boathouse during the summer. When the weather is cooler, they meet indoors at the Block at Northway. There are also a Fit4Mom classes in the South Hills in Pittsburgh.
  • Cost: If you’e new to Fit4Mom, your first class is always free. The cost is $15 after that, with packages available to bring the class price down more.
  • Website:

If you’re outside of Pittsburgh, you can find a Fit4Mom location by searching here.

Fit 4 mom stroller workout mommy and me class Pittsburgh

Barre Studios with Childcare

I started doing barre when I was 4 months pregnant with my first child. It’s a great low impact workout that can be easily modified. That makes it great whether you’re pregnant or postpartum as well. It can be especially hard to find studios or gyms with childcare in Pittsburgh (or anywhere for that matter.) I love these two barre studios in particular since they offer kids’ rooms while the moms are working out.

Bar Method Wexford

The Bar Method Wexford is a new barre studio in Pittsburgh that was started by two Penn State alumni. (If you’ve been following me for a while or read my post on Phoenix with a Baby, you know that we’re a little Penn State obsessed over here.) Each workout uses primarily bodyweight resistance to define your entire body. And the workout is always coupled with a great soundtrack. The instructors at Bar Method do a great job at helping you with positions and adjustments to figure out the best workout for you. The owner, Mandy, and Studio Director, Carrie, are also super sweet and welcoming to everyone who walks in the door.

Aside from the class itself, Bar Method Wexford offers childcare. Can’t go wrong with a place that makes it easy for moms to exercise with their littles safe and entertained next door. My son loves the kids’ room at Bar Method Wexford and heads for the chalkboard every time!

  • Class Schedule: Classes are offered daily Monday- Saturday; childcare is available at 9:30am and 12pm Monday- Friday
  • Pittsburgh Location: 10339 Perry Hwy, Wexford, PA
  • Cost: Classes can be purchased individually or as a package. Bar Method Wexford is currently offering the first class for free. (And if you sign up, please mention we referred you!)
  • Website:

For Bar Method locations outside of Pittsburgh, see here.

The Dailey Method (TDM) Pittsburgh

The Dailey Method in Pittsburgh is another great barre studio North of Pittsburgh. TDM Pittsburgh strives to build a community of women, under its owner, Joanna Amelio. The Dailey Method offers a variety of barre workouts, including Fusion and Interval in addition to traditional barre classes. Depending on demand, The Daily Method also offers mommy and me barre classes. Dailey Baby Classes are a mommy and me workout with your baby in the carrier. Additionally, TDM offers classes for kids including 4-week Lunch Bunch Classes for kids ages 3-5.

Childcare is also offered in the kids’ room at The Dailey Method Pittsburgh. Childcare is even available for babies as young as 6 weeks old.

  • Pittsburgh Location:  Village at Pine, 2000 Village Run Road, Suite 203, Wexford, PA, 15090
  • Class Schedule: Classes are offered every day of the week. The kids’ room is available during certain classes on Monday- Saturday.
  • Cost: Individual classes are $23, however, classes are discounted when purchasing a class pack or membership.  Childcare is $5 per class (or less if you purchase a kids’ room class pack.)
  • Website:

Many locations outside of Pittsburgh offer kids’ rooms as well.  You can find your closest TDM location by searching here.

Yoga For Parents & Kids of All Ages

There are so many different yoga classes out there, whether you’re an expectant mom, looking for baby yoga or family yoga classes in Pittsburgh.  Below are a few great places that offer yoga for families in Pittsburgh.

Green Yoga Pittsburgh

Green Yoga, located in Aspinwall, really caters to families and yogis of all ages and abilities. There are several classes available throughout the week, as well as some specifically cater to families and/or Moms.

  • Om Baby Yoga is a great mommy and me yoga class. It introduces your baby to yoga while doing stretches that target the right body parts for postpartum recovery. We did baby yoga here for the first time when my son was about 6 months old.
  • Mom Strong is a kid-free class taught by Kristen Carlin. It focuses on empowering moms to focus on themselves and their fitness. 
  • Green Yoga also periodically offers classes for families with slightly older kids as well. (Beyond the baby yoga stage.)

For more information on Green Yoga in Aspinwall, see their website here.

Schoolhouse Yoga

Schoolhouse Yoga has locations in the North Hills, East Liberty & Squirrel Hill.  Currently only the Squirrel Hill and East Liberty Locations offer Mommy & Me classes. Mommy and me classes at Schoolhouse Yoga are aimed at moms with kids from 0-3 years old. 

For more information on Schoolhouse Yoga in Pittsburgh, see their website here.

Riverstone Book Store Toddler Yoga Story Time Pittsburgh

Toddler Story Time Yoga at Riverstone Bookstore

Our favorite local bookstore, Riverstone Books, also offers toddler yoga story time. This is an adorable (and free!) way for kids to get familiar with the yoga movements.  With an active 18-month old, this has been a great way for us to test the waters and start learning the practice of yoga.  Parents can also join in to help teach their kids the movements. Plus, Riverstone has a great selection of yoga books available for families to practice the poses at home. 

For more information on events at Riverstone Books, including toddler story time yoga, see their website here.

Looking for a fun way to do yoga at home with kids? We’ve been loving Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube lately. Definitely recommend checking it out!


Kindermusik technically isn’t technically an exercise class, but you won’t stop moving from the minute you walk in the door.  It’s a great way for parents and little ones to have fun together while singing, dancing and actively learning through play the entire time.  

If you’re looking for Kindermusik classes in Pittsburgh, Kindermusik with Christa Beck is our favorite. Miss Christa has classes available in Murrysville, Tarentum and Sarver. 

To find a Kindermusik near you, search here

Kindermusik with Christa Beck Mommy and Me Classes Pittsburgh

At Home Workouts

During times that are extra busy or if I just need a boost of energy, I love doing at home workouts. YouTube is a great place for free mommy and me classes online, including the two classes below:

  • Bodyfit by Amy is a great home “trainer” for prenatal exercise classes. There is also a Baby and Me workout for babies of all ages. 
  • Nancy Taylor offers several baby and me/ toddler and me workouts.

Looking for an at home fitness class that doesn’t necessarily incorporate your baby? Fitness Blender is great for HiiT workouts and bodyweight workouts at home. (They also have at home classes for both men and women.) Yoga by Adrianne is a great at home yoga instructor. Both classes can also be found on YouTube.

Tone It Up App

I’ve been following the Tone It Up workouts off an on since they were first published in SELF magazine years ago. Since then, they’ve created an awesome app that includes several daily workouts and fitness plans. They also do reoccurring fitness challenges throughout the year, which are a great way to hold yourself accountable. Plus they offer great recipes and nutrition plans as well.

If you’re a new mom or mom-to-be, Tone It Up now offers prenatal and postnatal workouts on the app as well. While these aren’t baby and me workouts, these short online workouts are easy to squeeze in during nap time. (Or even while your child is awake if you can keep them entertained!)

Tone It Up App Cost: $99.99 annually (one time fee) or $14.99/month for monthly billing.

Buttermilk Falls Walking Bridge Indiana PA things to do with kids

Ideas for Exercising with a Baby or Toddler for Free

If you’d like to workout with a little one in tow but don’t want to spend the money on a class, you’re in luck! In addition to finding free workouts on YouTube, below are some of additional ideals to exercise with kids for free.

Walk or Bike Around a New Place

When you get tired of pushing the stroller around the same block every day, just head to your local or state park.  In Pittsburgh, our favorite local park to ride bikes or walk is North Park in Wexford. There’s a long path around the lake with plenty of playgrounds to stop at along the way. This makes it perfect for getting exercise (and having fun) with a baby or toddler.

If you’re looking for more organized hikes, Hike it Baby is a community that offers family hikes across the US. While there is a fee, the most basic Hike it Baby membership is currently only $10/year.

For more on the best parks in Pittsburgh, including places to hike with kids in Pittsburgh, check out this post: The Best Things to Do with Toddlers in Pittsburgh.


Check out Your Local Library for Exercise Classes

Many libraries offer programs aside from the traditional story times to get kids and their parents moving.  Our local library, Northern Tier Library, speficially offers a toddler exercise program. This fun library program in Gibsonia includes running, dancing, obstacles and yoga. The class also encourages parents and caregivers to move along with the kids, making it great for the whole family.

Toddler Exercise Class Pittsburgh Northern Tier Library

Have a favorite Mommy & Me at home workout or class to do with your little ones? Please share in the comments if you have any ideas that aren’t mentioned above!

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